Thursday, March 8, 2012

Last Thing Thursday!

Well, I decided to give this link-up thing a shot! This particular one just looked like fun! :) So here goes! The last thing I...

Heaven is for real: A little boys astonishing story of his trip to heaven and back.
This is actually what my future book review is going to be about! So I'll keep this simple. IT'S AMAZING! Enough said for now! :)

I'm totally obsessed with dream catchers! I love everything they stand for. And they're just pretty darn cool look at!

TV Show I Watched:
I love this show! I love the idea of helping someone do something on their list every time they do something on theirs. It's great. <3

Blog Post I Read:
I read Terri's 'last thing i....thursdays.' post over at The [Mis]adventures of a Navy Wife Which lead me too The Life of The Wife's blog, which obviously, inspired me to do this post! :)

Candy I Ate:
I love, love, LOVE salty caramel snacks!

Did for someone:
I baked over 100 mini muffins for my husband and the guys in his shop!
Banana walnut, banana pecan, and banana chocolate! :)

Why I keep gaining weight. I regret nothing.

Bought and Loved:
This nail polish. It's my favorite color and it matches my blog! Woo! Lol.

To do this link up go here!:
The Life of the Wife


Ashley said...

That book looks so great!! I'm looking for a good read.

B said...

im reading that book now! its good so far but im not to the juicy part yet! such a crazy story tho! and love hte nail polish color! what is it? oh btw im not a stalker...saw you on the link up! just wanted to say hi :)

Allie said...

@Ashley I actually just posted the review on it! I definitely recommend reading it! :)

@B It is! It's my favorite book! But the color is Rise and Shine by SinfulColors. It's so much prettier in person! And no worries! I always like meeting new people! :)

Jenna@The Life of the Wife said...

THANK YOU for linking up gorgeous! I'm so glad you found my blog and decided to join in! Come back this week and link up again! :)


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