Friday, March 2, 2012

Bargain shopping!

So yesterday I spent the day out going to various thrift and bargain shops and came across some awesome stuff I thought I'd share! First off, if u know my husband and I, u know we LOVE our wine! But we don't own a single wine glass... which is odd for as often as we drink it! Lol. So I was super excited when I came across these...
$1 each at goodwill! I had a hunt for an entire set of 6 but it was well worst it! U just can't beat $6 for a set of 6 nice wine glasses!

I've been wanting a fishy! So I figured while I was shopping I'd try to find a nice fish bowl or something I could use as a fish bowl. Then I found this!...
A giant wine glass that not only matches my new set of wine glasses, but it's also big enough to fit my new betta fish! Meet Nigel! :) Anyway, found this at value village for $3!

So I have two dogs. They need some kind of sound while I'm gone or they bark their little heads off. So I usually leave my TV on. Which isn't good for my electric bill or my TV! I surprisingly didn't own a stereo or radio. Idk why. So I got this...
A simple clock radio. But it was only $4 at goodwill! Haven't used it yet but it'll definitely come in handy!

Next, my kitchen is all wine and a tad bit of italian themed. So I was excited when I found this...
A cute mat for in front of my sink! $6 at biglots!

The next thing I found was MUCH needed! First I have to explain why,.. I don't have cable. I refuse to pay an arm and a leg for cable when I can just pay $14/mo for netflix and hulu and can watch anything that isn't on those websites for free thru other sites. So I hook my laptop up to my computer and use my tablet for my internet browsing and save about $200/mo. (We can only get comcast where I live and for internet and their cheapest cable package I was paying, no lie, $250/mo! Ridiculous.) Sorry got a little side tracked there. Lol. So anyway! I found this...
A simple wireless mouse and a mouse pad that matches my living room! I was using a wired mouse with a wire that my dogs constantly tripped over and ripped out of my computer. So this was like I said, MUCH needed! Only $10 at biglots for the mouse and $1 for the mouse pad!

Last, but not least, I found 9 new shirts from ross and plato's closet!
I spent about $55 on all the shirts together. Not bad at all for 9 tops! :)

At the end of the day I spent under $100 on everything! I never go to bargain shops. I just never really think about it and run to walmart or target or the mall before anything else. But I'm definitely gonna start shopping at these places more often! My favorite things r my new wine glasses!

Bargain shopping...SUCCESS! :)


Jenn @ Peas and Crayons said...

sahhweeet! There are no malls in our tiny military town so all I do is bargain shop thrift stores and tjmaxx and such -- It saves me a tooon! <3

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