Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm super boring...

Seriously. I'm SO boring it isn't even funny! Lol. I've been super lazy and haven't done too much of anything lately.

But I do have some news! My husband and I just might have found a house for when we move to VA! It works out so PERFECTLY it's almost unbelievable! First, it's in a location I was hoping to live in. (Plus!) Second, it's owned by a guy in the Navy so he's really working with us on a number of things. (Plus plus!) Third, it's not available to move into until we'll be arriving in VA! (Plus plus plus!) I'm so excited! It has three bedrooms, two baths, a yard for the pups (plus plus plus plus!!!) and it's within our budget. Like I said, it's perfect!

My husband had to talk me into it a little because I was hesitant to settle on a place without being there to look at it. But lucky we have family that can swing by to take a glance at it for us. We really couldn't pass up such a great deal. So I'm happy he was able to talk me into it! Lol.

Now time just need to hurry up and pass so Kraig can come back and we can move into our new home and start our new lives, in a new state, with new friends, and no more deployments! :)

P.S. Does anyone know how to add a reply button to my comments? I've seen it on a few other peoples blogs but I have yet to figure it out and I'm still unsure of how to reply to people and I feel kinda rude just not replying at all! Lol. I'm confused about the whole situation so if anyone knows,.. please help! :)