Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Something horrible...

You want to read about something kind of heart breaking? I mean, there are worst things going on in the world but... My friend woke up the other day to her apartment's fire alarms going off. Everyone in her building evacuated. After waiting around for the fire department to arrive, they noticed water beginning to pour out of someones windows! The fire department had to break into the apartment and turns out a pipe burst... and the person who lives in that apartment just happens to be on the same ship with my husband, deployed, with no way of finding out the awful news of what happened to his apartment and all his belongings. I'm sure he has renters insurance. But still! I feel so horrible for this poor guy or girl! They're probably thinking about how bad they can't wait to get home and relax in their own living room and sleep in their own bed and little do they know not only are all their things completely ruined, but their apartment isn't even livable anymore! The apartment was above garages and everyone had to move their cars out because they think the floor might collapse all together! So this sailor is going to come home in a very short time and still have to live on the ship or in a hotel after a long deployment. Sucks. It's not fair. I feel so bad for them! :(

AHH! :)

Yea, so I haven't exactly been dedicated to this blog! I've been super busy. I'm up for a management position at work! So I've been working my butt off! AAAAAAND! It's not too much longer now before my husbands home!!!! I wish I could tell u how soon it is! It's been a long deployment but I'm so happy for it to be over! Honestly, looking back, I know I had a hard time in the beginning... but once I got my feel on the ground, it really wasn't THAT bad. But I never want to have to do it again! Lol. I'm SO excited to see his face again! I can't wait to fall asleep with him beside me, and wake up with him next to me! Bahhhh!!! It's going to be so great!!! :):)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


K, so! I know I said I was back for good MONTHS ago... but the truth is I've been super super busy! I've been working a lot and about the only free time I've had until recently I used to either have a little bit of a social life or to catch up on much needed sleep! But it's a new year and I wanted to start it off with a clear mind and it really helped dealing with everything writing on here!

SO so so so much has happend that I don't even know were to start! I'll save the good stuff for other posts and just catch you up briefly on the important things! Deployment is going by very fast! I got off to a rocky start and it was horrible and I thought I was never going to get through this,.. but, it got better! I still have a few months to go but not that long at all! We're more than half way through this and it's definitely made me stronger and I believe it out not feel more confident in our relationship than I ever have. Because I know now that we can make it through anything! I still obviously can't wait for his return but I'm not making every day miserable for myself. I'm really trying to make the best of everyday and it's been working! I can't believe how many months have gone by since he left! So I know if the next few months go by as fast as the last several have than I'm in good shape! Lol.