All About Little Old Me! :)

I'm Allie, I'm 22, and I'm a nerd. I'm also a Navy wife! I'm a girly girl who loves to hang out with the guys. I enjoy sitting around playing video games and watching shows and movies about super heroes and magical islands. But I also love hair, nails, makeup, and fashion!! In fact, I plan to make a career of it!

It's been my dream my ENTIRE life to become a cosmetologist and my long term goal is to also go to school for business management and own my own salon! Ultimately, I would love to make my salon into a chain across the U.S.! Each salon will not only specialize in hair, but also skin, nails, and massage. Good lifetime goal? I like to think so!

I'll be attending a Paul Mitchell branch beauty academy next year. And I'm so unbelievably excited! I've dreamed about going to a Paul Mitchell school since I was a kid. To me, It's like Harvard for a lawyer! I'm so ready to start that chapter of my life!

I'm a glass is half full kind of person... or at least I really, really try to be! And try to surround myself with others who view life the same way. I believe staying positive attracts positive things to you! I also think it's important to have faith in God, be kind to others, and to know there's always a reason for everything.

I'm awkwardly awesome. Emphasis on awesome! ...I like to think I'm funny. But I'm probably not.

I grew up in middle of nowhere Pennsylvania... so there's no point in even talking about it because you've never hear of it!

Family means a lot to me. I'm the youngest of 6 and we have 11 nieces and nephews! One of which is named after me... Alexis. She's my girl and my mini me!

My husband and I have been together since we were 15 (See 'Our Story' for details!) and we absolutely love our life together! Mainly because it's pretty amazing.

I love the Navy life and all the different opportunities it's presented us! But this life isn't by any means easy... it can be hard. But it really will be worth it in our future! So no point in making it worse by dwelling over the bad parts, like deployment. We're just thankful for all we do have even if it means temporarily spending time apart to make our lives possible.

But we are BEYOND excited to finally be together and get on with our lives and enjoy each other again. Absence certainly does make the heart grow fonder!

All in all, I do what I can with the situations presented to me and try to enjoy life to the hilt. It's short after all, and we only get one of them! No time to complain and feel sorry for yourself when there's a perfectly good life to live!