Sunday, January 2, 2011


K, so! I know I said I was back for good MONTHS ago... but the truth is I've been super super busy! I've been working a lot and about the only free time I've had until recently I used to either have a little bit of a social life or to catch up on much needed sleep! But it's a new year and I wanted to start it off with a clear mind and it really helped dealing with everything writing on here!

SO so so so much has happend that I don't even know were to start! I'll save the good stuff for other posts and just catch you up briefly on the important things! Deployment is going by very fast! I got off to a rocky start and it was horrible and I thought I was never going to get through this,.. but, it got better! I still have a few months to go but not that long at all! We're more than half way through this and it's definitely made me stronger and I believe it out not feel more confident in our relationship than I ever have. Because I know now that we can make it through anything! I still obviously can't wait for his return but I'm not making every day miserable for myself. I'm really trying to make the best of everyday and it's been working! I can't believe how many months have gone by since he left! So I know if the next few months go by as fast as the last several have than I'm in good shape! Lol.