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Book review- Heaven is for real: A Little Boys Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back by Todd Burpo

This book was by far, the greatest book I've ever read. I am a religious person. I went to a catholic school, was taught about God and the old testament, I went to church 3 times a week. But once I grew up I, like many, HAD my doubts. While I did still believe and have faith, I was just a little confused.

This book completely changed my view of the world, of people, and above all things, and most importantly, God.

This review will have a little bit of a spoiler at the end but I'll warn you in time in case you do plan to read this book!

Meet Todd and Colton Burpo! (Isn't Colton the cutest little thing?!)

Todd is Colton's Father who is a pastor. Colton was only 3 when he had his experiences in heaven. You might think, being that his Father is a pastor, Colton is just a little boy perhaps repeating some of the things his Father preaches about. But once you read the book, you'll quickly think differently!

After his trip to heaven, he began telling his parents that he met his older sister. Who never had a chance to live on this earth. His Mother had had a miscarriage a few yrs before Colton was even born. They never talked about it and they certainly never told their 3 yr old son about it! Then he tells his Dad he met his great Grandfather, to passed away 30 some years before Colton was even thought of. He even identified him in some old photos. He starts talking about God, and how he sits in a huge chair and Jesus rides around on a really big horse only he's allowed on. And in Colton's words "Jesus' eyes are just so beautiful!"

*Tiny Spoiler*
It turned into a game with Colton and his parents anytime they saw a picture of Jesus, they would ask him if that's what Jesus looked like. Colton always found something wrong with the picture! The hair wasn't right, the beard wasn't right, etc. Well, one day Todd was going through some emails and came across one a friend had sent him. It was a CNN report of this little girl named Akiane Kramarik. Who started talking about how she went to heaven in her dreams when she was about 3. Then she started painting her visions.

Akiane grew up in an old fashioned family who didn't believe in radios, TV, computers or internet. Her Mother was an atheist and never spoke of Jesus, God, or heaven. So when Akiane started having these visions and painting them, she changed her Mother's religious views all together!

Well, at the end of the article, was a painting Akiane painted of Jesus. So Todd thought he'd call Colton over and ask him if that's what Jesus looked like. Colton quickly replied "THAT'S HIM DAD! That's Jesus!"

This painting gives me chills. Who knows if this is really what Jesus looks like. But all I can say is.. I've never seen a painting of Jesus that made me feel like this one does.
*End of spoiler*

I couldn't put this book down. Usually it takes me WEEKS to finish a book. If I even finish it. This book, I read in one sitting. First time I've EVER done that. It kept me interested from beginning to end and I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend reading it!

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Akiane's paitings.


Anonymous said...

Seeing that picture gave me chills. Definitely going to read this book now, thanks for the review!

NKloss said...

I got tears when I saw that picture in the book.

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