Friday, July 9, 2010

A Penny for My Thought

Have you ever dealt with a fellow military wife talking openly about deployments on facebook? I have and to be honest I'm quite sick of it. It's normally the younger wives that are still new to the military world and yea I've been there, of course. I would consider myself still relativity new. But isn't it just common sense to watch what you say about our military? I feel like sending them all a link to my OPSEC page! But I loved today someone posted the exact date and time of the ships deployment my husband happens to be on. I'm sorry but wtf? Obviously the higher ups on facebook did something about it and i just realized she took it down. Luckily they're pretty good about that. So anyways I'm ranting and being uninteresting so i'm going to cut this short. Peace out ladies! <3


Marj said...

i agree with how you feel. not only can that info put the ship at risk but her husband can get in trouble too. some people just dont have common sense!

thanks for following! hope to keep in touch during deployment! dont worry about him missing some 'big events' in your life ... mine missed my college graduation, numerous birthdays, holidays, etc. but as soon as he was home, i forgot all about those times. it helps you to appreciate the moments together more. it does help to have a community of otehr bloggers to reach out to!

One Cluttered Brain said...

And I'm your 2oth follower!! Yay!!!

One Cluttered Brain said...

I can't imagine my husband being a sailor or military man and not seeing him for extended periods of time! You are a lot stronger than me. But complaining about it on FB, won't help anything. I like what you are doing a ton better! Making friends by blogging!!! I'm stopping by from lady's bloggers!!

Shell said...

I'm not a military wife, but I live in a very large military town. When I tell people where I live, they automatically assume I'm a Marine Corps wife. LOL

Anyway, I saw a young military wife complaining about how she thinks it's wrong that she can't talk about this stuff- I just shook my head at her 19 year-old selfishness. So, I'm very glad to see someone arguing the other side of this!

Found you over on LBS blog frog. :)

Jacki said...

I just started reading your blog & look forward to reading more!

I am a fellow Navy wife! Also are you on our base? because it sounds like you are, all the women do here is post about the boats movements! We are forward deployed so the post pulls into home port as "port calls" well everytime new info breaks out the other wives are breaking OPSEC and posting it all over FB!

I'm not going to throw an OPSEC handbook at them, but it is just common sense to not post movements on social sites.

Okay rant over! :)

Love your blog though

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