Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's done. No going back from here.

Well, the husband is officially gone until further notice. The morning was absolutely horrible. I didn't even make it out the front door before balling my eyes out. Saying goodbye was the hardest thing I've ever had to do to say the least! Then, I left base after saying "See ya later!" and being new to the area, I don't know the road very well and my eyes were teary and apparently I missed the sign that said the lane I was in ended! So I literally almost caused a pile up on the freaking highway. Ugh. To top it off, I got home and all I wanted to do is call my Mother and I was pleasantly surprised with my phone being shut off... when the bill wasn't even due until the 28th! WTF!? Needless to say I called freaking out and got it turned back on but that was the last thing I needed after my morning. So yea, I had little nervous break down. I'm still not great and I don't know how I'll be by tonight but I was able to go out with some friends all day and a close friend of mine and I went to see the ships departure which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. AND my husband's rate makes it a hell of a lot easier to e-mail me because he works on computers all day long. So I've been getting e-mails left and right! I have it set up on my phone to notify me as soon as I get a new e-mail with my text message tone. So it's just like texting him! Which makes me happy. Lol. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better than today. And even better the next day. But who knows. Everyone please pray for my husband's ship to return home safely! 

Thank you to everyone who has offered their support! It means so much! Oh, and I reached my goal followers of 20! Well, actually over 20 now. But woo hoo! :) Now.... 50! Lol.


Mrs. Doc Handsome said...

Hang in there girl. You can do this. I remember the day my husband left (for boot camp to say the least) I did get in a car accident. I was backing up and hit a man right behind me! So I can sympathize with you. If you need a shoulder, I'm here.

Brittany Sommer said...

Oh, girl... I am about to go through this soon and I am OH SO NOT ready! I don't know really, anyone else who has a man deploying around the same time as mine. You can talk to me any time you need it. And feel free to find me on facebook :)

Allie said...

Mrs. Doc Handsome: Thank you so much! That really means a lot! And thank god I'm not the only one getting into accidents! Lol. <3

Brittany Sommer: Awe, thanks! Same goes to you! But I'm going to add you! :)

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