Friday, June 4, 2010

Packing and other fun stuff!

So I got a TON of stuff packed in some left over boxes from the first move and I didn't completely unpack last time so some of it was already done! Lol. But I'm looking around and wondering where the hell did all this stuff come from?! Lol. We can't get the Navy to move us like we planned this entire time. I guess they need to know 3 weeks ahead of time which I don't understand because they didn't even tell us we were moving until 4 days before! So we're stuck getting a Uhaul and hauling it all across the country ourselves. Luckily we get reimbursed because honestly, who can afford to move 45 hrs away with only a 4 day notice? Not us that's for sure! We have to get a hitch installed on our car so we can pull a trailer. That won't be done until Monday because they have to special order some parts. We have to get our breaks fixed because they're horrible right now and not only are we traveling across the country, but we'll be lugging a trailer which adds pressure to the breaks on hills. Oh and an oil change is much needed!

One good thing,.. we have to get rid of our couch set because we won't be able to fit everything. So I'm giving them away for free to a needy family. Least I can do. I'm blessed with everything I need but some people aren't so fortunate. That's what we did with our last set when we lived in Pensacola too. A family whose house burned down came and took them. They had to start over completely from scratch so they appreciated that living room set way more than I ever did.

Ahh. Somewhere between all this we have to pack, load the uhaul and run around tying loose ends,.. I don't know where I'm going to get the time for all this! Lol. Oh the life of a Navy Wife! Got to love it! =)

OH! And we found an apartment! A temp apartment. My friend lives there and it's really nice! I'm super excited about it. But we're going to rent a house when my Husband get's back from his first deployment for the duration of our time in Washington. =)

So ok this is turning into a novel and I really need to take the puppies for a walk and get back to work on the apartment! By the way we hit the road on Tuesday! Eeps!


Mrs. Doc Handsome said...

Leave it to the military to not move you guys because THEY gave such short notice. Ohhhh the life! Good luck finishing packing.

Alexandra said...

Haha. I know right? I'm just happy I don't have to move again for 3 years! Lol. But Thank u! =)

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