Saturday, June 19, 2010


So our move was successful and not as stressful as I thought! The road trip was amazing! The day we left we realized our GPS was taking us straight through PA and our home town right passed our parents houses! Lol. So we decided to stop and stay there our first night on the road. We just showed up and surprised everyone and it was just really nice. Then the next day we stopped in Indania to camp and almost got attacked by racoon's! One started coming after our dogs so my husband told us to get in the tent, and then it started going after him! Well this lasted for hours then finally game control came and turns out the raccoon was foaming at the mouth and they had to put it down. =( it was horrible. I felt to bad for the poor thing! What a way to start off our trip. Then some other raccoons tried stealing our cooler! Lol. The next night we camped in Iowa and it was a lot better than the night before! We stopped in this little town called Welcome. It was like something out of a movie. In the middle of town across from the only church, they had a horse water bowl for when you ride your horse into town! It was just so cute! And the camp site we stayed at was so much more down to earth and raccoons didn't try to eat us! Lol. The NEXT day we stopped in South Dakota and there was so much stuff to do there that we decided to stay for 3 days and site see. We saw Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and went through a drive through wild life park which was awesome! Lol.

Montana was by far the most beautiful state I've ever seen! Smallest towns I've ever seen to! Towns that didn't even have grocery stores and it was 75 miles before the first walmart and 45 miles before a gas station! And I thought I came from out in the sticks! Lol. Then we started getting into the mountains. Which was absolutely beautiful. Amazing. I can't even put it into words! We drove right through the heart of the rocky mountains where all you can see on both sides of you is rocks. It was unbeliebable. And the mountains with snow in the tops looked like they came straight out of a painting! Lol.

We had the time of our lives! And it was so nice with deployment coming up to spend that time with my husband! =)

I'll update more later, got to go unpack some more stuff in our new apartment!


vernesser said...

i know you don't know me- i found you through brittany's blog... anyway---I just want to say Thank you for finding Mt so beautiful.. yes Eastern Montana sucks.. but once you hit the valley and the mountains.. breathtaking- I grew up there and greatly miss home.
also my husband is from WA bremerton. just thought i would comment!
see my blog here

Allie said...

Oh awesome! Small world. Lol. Yea it was absolutely amazing there. The small towns were the best and I didn't have service on my phone for hours! Lol. It was great. :) But thanks for commenting!

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