Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Yesterday my husband woke up to a phone call from his Mother with horrible news. They just found out his grandmother has lung cancer. Possibly in both lungs. Cancer is always bad, but what makes this even worse is she was a breast cancer survivor not too long ago. She just started growing all her hair back from chemo. And now she has to go through it all over again. It's so sad. My husband's grandfather (her husband) is also a survivor of skin cancer and depends on her for everyday tasks. If something were to happen to her who know what will happen to him. And my husband is taking it pretty hard.

I know what he's going through, my Father passed away in '08 and just a few months later my Nonni, my Father's Mother passed after holding on by a string the last few years.

I'm just glad that since we're going home this weekend, he can spend some time with her and if anything were to happen he wouldn't have 'I should have been there' hanging over his head. He's lucky, because when my Nonni passed away we lived in FL and I wasn't able to fly home for her funeral and I hadn't seen her for months before that. So he may have a gift and I'm grateful for that.

But we're going to stay on the positive side of things! His grandmother kicked breast cancer like a pro so we're hopeful. =)

Please say a prayer for Shirley Cain. <3


Natalie said...

She's in my prayers hunni! I hope things turn out well! And have fun at home this weekend! :)

Alexandra said...

Thanks girl! =)

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