Thursday, May 27, 2010


So today we're leaving for PA! I'm super excited I loove road trips! But we just got Taco a few weeks ago and he hasn't been in the car for more than an hr. So this should be interesting. Lol.

My Husband's grandmother is home now. Thank goodness. No more news about the cancer. But we made homemade chicken soup last night to take to her tomorrow. =)

Umm, what else? I'm coloring my hair today! I'm going lighter, but not by much. It's a light golden brown. Right now it's a medium brown but I have natural red highlights. It's a curse. So it looks auburn in the sun. Time for a change!... Even though my highlights will show through in about a week or so. Lol.

Hmmm,.. well I'm being boring so I'll cut this short!
Pray we have a save trip! =)


Natalie said...

i love roadtrips too!!! <3 hope u have fun!

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