Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm going hoome! =)

We're going home for Memorial Day weekend and I'm super excited! It's nice living so close to home. We're originally from Pennsylvania so in Virginia we're only about 7 hrs away! So we try to go home as much as we can since we'll be moving clear across the country soon.

Home Sweet Home!

Actually I lived about an hr outside of the city in a small country town you've never heard of! Yep, that's right,.. Who's a country girl? This girl right here! =) Lol. I miss it there a lot! I mainly just miss the familiar- Knowing everyone's cars, all your neighbors, all the roads, the stores... etc. It's crazy starting from scratch so many times! We're only a year into my husband's contract and have already moved twice and will be moving again next month! Lol.

How many times have you had to move for the military? =)


Amie said...

YAY! I love when I get to go home and see my momma! I'm a total country girl too. This big city living will never compare to country simplicity! Am I right? Lol

The hubby and I have moved 4 times so far. He plans on making the military his life so we'll be moving even more!.. So will you! ..You like to travel? You better! Lol. :]

Brittney said...

We are also from small towns in Upstate New York. We are about to hit his one year in the Navy and we've moved twice now. We are in Fort Gordon, Ga for the next three years.

Oh and have a baby girl due in August <3 :)

Alexandra said...

Amie- Nope definitely not! I smelled fresh cut grass the other day and I was amazed! Lol. Definitely miss the country! But yea my husband plans on making a career out of the Navy too. So yeaaa lots of traveling! Good thing I don't mind it! Lol. =)

Brit- YAY! I love small towns. Lol. I hope you guys are liking GA! It's nice to know you'll be somewhere for a while! We'll be in WA for the next three years and I'm like YES I can finally get started on my life! Lol. Have any names picked out yet!? =)

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