Sunday, April 8, 2012

Patiently waiting...

Eeps! Deployments getting closer and closer to an end! Still a few months to go but time has flown by already. He'll be home before I know it!

I have SO much to look forward to the next few months...

First, I'm thinking about getting a new tattoo soon! Woo! I want to get Amarmi per quello che sono. It means Love me for who I am. And it's in italian which has even more meaning because I'm italian and my family is from Italy. =) Thoughts?

Second! My bestest friend in the whole wide world (next to my husband of course! lol) is coming to visit next month for 11 days!!! Eeps!!! I'm SO excited! We're gonna do all the things in Seattle we never got a chance to do when she still lived here. Gum wall, space needle, hikes, day drinking (lol), the list goes on and on! And I seriously can't wait!

As if it wasn't bad enough with Kraig going on deployment, my friend had to move home while the guys were away. So we've been away from each other this entire time which is JUST AS BAD as being away from our husbands! Lol.

Plus it's gonna make time fly and after she leaves we don't have much time at all before deployments over! And I'll be busy that entire time preparing for his return... which I feel like I'm never given enough time to do! Which makes no sense at all since technically I'm given SEVERAL months. But u know how that goes. So yea! It's gonna be a blasty blast.


THIRD! And certainly the BEST of all! Kraig's coming home!!! AHHH!!! I can't wait to be a normal couple again!

Fourth, our road trip across America! Idk exactly what our plans r yet for the entire trip, but I know we're going to see the grand canyon! So that'll be awesome!

Aaaand fifth! OUR MOVE TO VIRGINIA! Then it's just all gonna be a party from there! No more deployments, we'll have a house, all our friends will be together again, no more deployments, we'll be closer to family, I get to go to school, NO MORE DEPLOYMENTS! Lol.

Yea, the rest of this crappy yr is gonna be awesome! Lol. I can't waaaiiittt! <3


*~BrittDill~* said...

Yay how exciting that your hubby is coming home soon! The trip across the country must be so exciting for you as well, not to mention you will be closer to Pa once you get here to Va! You should add me on Facebook you can find me via! :)

ThelifeasaNavywife said...

Awwh, I live in VA... but im moving home, & my hubs is going to schooling in Mississippi, but VA is pretty nice! Hope you enjoy it here!

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