Saturday, February 25, 2012

Don't mind me, I'm gonna vent a little and then get over it!

So! We just went thru a 7 month deployment last yr. Just to have Kraig come home for a few short months and be shipped out again on another deployment. Which was do big deal.. we knew it was gonna happen and prepared ourselves for it. However! It was supposed to be a short deployment. Which obviously, made it easier on us going into it knowing he wouldn't be gone for as long as last time. Welp, right when we were about to hit our half way mark.. they extended it two month. Sucked. But we dealt with it, obviously nothing we can do about it except suck it up. It's only two more months after all. U might be thinking 'Hm, sounds pretty shitty already, Allie!' well that's not even the worst of it! I wake up today to an e-mail from Kraig saying deployment got extended ANOTHER two freaking months! So now, it's actually longer than the first deployment. Awesome! I swear, I'm not gonna be complaining about this everyday (other than the occasional 'I miss my fucking husband!' posts) but I just had to vent about it bc I pretty much hate the Navy right now. So yea. That's it.

NEEDLESS to say, I'm going to a mini shopping spree on payday to make me feel better. I think I deserve it. :)

On a better note! I completely updated everything on my page with new stuff and updated info! So if u wanna check it out, cool! If not, that's cool too. Whatevs. Lol.


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